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Bret Hart In Worst Movie Of All Time?

Five years ago I said an ex-wrestler placed himself in the worst movie of all time.  The accused was Ken Shamrock, the movie was The Bunker (2014).  This is part of my view by the way:

I don’t want it to look like I’m one of those people who comes out with a ‘worst movie ever made’ without really meaning it.  But I’ve considered it carefully. Here, I am going to say it and I am going to mean it – this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve seen probably thousands.  Getting through ’till the end was agony.  With DTVs, you know the deal.  There are several tiers.  First is the limbo type, the one that just missed a theatrical run, for example Universal Soldier IV or Empire State (with The Rock).  Then there’s the habitual type, the Seagal movies, the Randy Couture movies.  Often those types are so bad, they’re almost worth it.  Below that is the dogs-dinner type, garbage that somehow got a distribution deal.  Well for this movie, you have to go many depths lower than even that.  You have to stoop into the bowels of the unimaginable.  Some type of coup was pulled here in getting a Blu Ray distribution deal for this vomit.  It’s putrid, a heinous blemish on a DVD shelf.

Well above we have the trailer for Tales from the Dead, starring ex-wrestler and former rival to Ken Shamrock, Bret Hart.  It is surely the worst trailer of all time, leading us to postulate that it may even outdo The Bunker as the worst movie of all time.

Also starring Corey Feldman, the movie releases in 2020.