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Escape Plan 3 Red Band Trailer

Here is the red band trailer for Escape Plan 3: Extractors.

Word about this movie is that it is superior to the second film, but inferior to the first.  Which isn’t actually news, considering how bad the second was.  What’s going on with that tagline though… “PREPARE FOR THE DAMAGE!”…? Is this a warning about more damage to my brain after the second film? Just a sales poster anyway.

The film is getting a theatrical release in Russia this month.

In this installment, the daughter of a Hong Kong tech executive goes missing in what appears to be a routine ransom job. As Breslin (Stallone) and his crew delve deeper, they discover the culprit is the deranged son of his former business partner, who also kidnapped the woman in Breslin’s life, and is holding her inside the massive prison known as Devil’s Station