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Sensei Seagal Was Almost Batman?!

Wait a minute.  Steven Seagal was almost Batman?  That’s what this piece of news from says.  Screenwriter Sam Hamm recalled:

“You have to make Bruce Wayne work, because Batman is, for the most part, going to be a stunt guy, or it’s going to be somebody running around in a costume in long shot. You don’t need the martial arts expertise of, say, Steven Seagal or somebody like that because you can fake all of that kind of stuff. Seagal was one of the people that was suggested to us.”

The martial artist and Above the Law star was once in consideration but Seagal never auditioned, Hamm recounts.

“Believe it or not. He had just kind of appeared on the scene, people thought holy cow, this guy’s badass. He could be Batman,” Hamm said. “I don’t think it ever got to the point where he read for it. He was just one of the names that was floated.”

Can you imagine if he was in the sequel too?  Steven Seagal vs. The Penguin!