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Crappy Humor In Terminator 6?

Who remembers the ‘Village People’ Terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines?  ‘Talk do duh hend?’  Seriously?  I thought we’d seen the back of that.  But some stuff coming out of Comic Con makes me wonder.

Footage was shown there.

According to reports, we see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, living what looks like a quiet life in a cabin in the woods. “Sarah Connor. I can see you’re very upset,” he offers, upon first seeing Linda Hamilton. We also learn he’s got a new name now: Carl. “I’m never gonna fucking call you Carl,” Sarah mutters.  Connor also warns “Carl,” “when this is all over I am going to kill you,” to which he answers, “I understand.”  And elsewhere in the movie when the villain questions why Connor simply does not surrender a target to make life easier, she responds; “Because we’re not machines, you metal motherfucker.”  The ‘Uncle Bob’ stuff worked in the second film, mostly.  This stuff sounds bad in comparison.

In addition, Tim Miller has revealed that there’ll be no swearing from Arnold, because ‘robots don’t curse…’.  Has Miller watched the first movie? You know… ‘fuck you asshole.’  Miller has also been bragging about the R-rating.

Finally, it appears Edward Furlong is in this movie.  Jim Cameron revealed this piece of information whilst live streaming to the crowd from the set of his new Avatar movie.  It would appear that Furlong is not in the film much, probably a cameo?