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UPDATED: Stallone: Expendables 4 ‘Best In Series’

UPDATED:  I don’t know how seriously we should be taking news on this movie anymore, if you could even call this news.  But it looks like it’s still happening, per Stallone’s social media comments:


Sylvester Stallone is promoting Rambo: Last Blood on social media (although not officially, promotion will start soon).  In a reply to one of his posts, a fan said that he was still waiting on The Expendables 4.  Stallone gave him a reply, see below;

‘Be patient it is going to be a great one!  The best in the series’.  The fourth film is rumored to take place at least partially in China.  Although who knows what route it may take.

Can Stallone undo the damage created by the epic fail of The Expendables 3?  Just make it dark and nasty man, people aren’t asking for much more.  Get Walter Hill.