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Trailer: Lundgren Is ‘The Tracker’

After Dolph Lundgren returned as Ivan Drago in Creed II, he’ll appear as The Tracker, a man out to seek answers about the loss of his family. Filmed in Italy, it will also get a theatrical release there. The trailer can be checked out above.

SYNOPSIS: In 2008, Loke Hakansson was taking a family vacation in the south of Italy when his wife and his daughter were kidnapped. Following exchange attempt gone wrong both his wife and daughter were killed. Ten years later, Hakansson is contacted by a local detective who has re-opened the case and has new information. Reluctantly, Hakansson travels back to Italy to meet the detective. When he arrives he discovers that the detective has committed “suicide”. To his dismay, Hakansson is trapped in a web of deceit that forces him into acts of violence to understand what happened to his family.