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Morrell Disowns ‘Last Blood’

Rambo: Last Blood is currently not enjoying a positive reaction from critics.  And, as we probably expected, the film is being skewered not as an entertainment piece but for falling afoul of bat shit idealogues; people given to fanciful and extremist ideas, who attack those merely going about their business – like Stallone making a movie.

Apparently, First Blood writer David Morrell is now one of these people.  He has disowned the movie on Twitter:

I looked at the USA Today review.  It is not a review of a movie (for instance I reviewed it as a Rambo film, they’re reviewing it through political optics).  It is rant from someone suffering from TDS.

And is ‘disown’ the correct word to use when it comes to Morrell and Rambo?  Rambo outgrew Morrell.  Ted Kotcheff, George P. Cosmatos, Peter MacDonald, Jerry Goldsmith and, obviously, Sylvester Stallone all created ‘Rambo’.

This isn’t new though.  Rambo II also courted controversy.  Reagan was a fan, liberals were not.