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NEWS: Ghostbusters 3, Rocky 7, Tango & Cash 2


Here is another reminder that Ghostbusters 3 is actually happening.  The real one this time.  Probably.  Maybe.

Dan Aykroyd confirmed his role in an interview with Joe Rogan Experience and says: “I’m not in the pictures so much anymore. We’ve got the Ghostbusters movie that we’re working on now and I will have to be performing in that.”

Ernie Hudson has also confirmed his involvement in the movie.


There have been rumors that Sylvester Stallone is straying away from the Creed franchise and… back to the Rocky timeline.  Here is what he has told Collider:

“I have a thing’s politically, you would say, vital right now. It’s that, too. It’s right on the edge. Also, it deals also with a foreign country. Well, you’ve heard a little bit about it and they want it badly. Yeah and it’s like “Oh. Should I do this?” Because Rocky? Making a Rocky film. Like Michael [B. Jordan] goes “I wanna direct Creed.” I go “Think very carefully about this” cause you will now have two years of no life and no guarantee it’s gonna be a hit.

Cryptic or gibberish?  Is Stallone abandoning Creed because of Jordan’s demands?


While promoting Rambo V Stallone also talked Tango & Cash 2.  He wants to do it, but not so much Kurt Russell.

Russell needs some more convincing. Stallone brought it up with Russell who told him: “I don’t know, Sly… There we were in our prime and now we’re in our unprime, I dunno.” So Stallone said” “I’m telling you, ya gotta go in on this” to which Russell responded: “I’ll talk to you when I get back.”