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The Irishman To Explore ‘Toxic Masculinity’?

Someone perturbing words have been coming out of the mouth of producer Jane Rosenthal, in speaking to Deadline this week about upcoming gangster epic The Irishman.  Rosenthal has been hyping precisely the last thing you’d want to hear about a film like this, the exploration of ‘toxic masculinity’.

“I’m excited for the world to get to see it. What will surprise you is, as a Scorsese movie, it is a slower movie. It doesn’t have the kind of intensity, the visual intensity, as a ‘Casino,’ as a ‘Goodfellas.’ It is guys looking at themselves through an older perspective.

What you do look at with something like ‘The Irishman’ is the toxic masculinity and what happens when someone chooses one family over their own nuclear family, and then tries to make repairs at the end of their lives. What happens to particularly men who make that decision.”

I would quietly hope that this is just bungled phrasing from an old woman and that the director, cast et al did not sit around in an SJW ‘workshop’ during pre-production to hammer out how to make the film ‘woke’.

Bad PR.