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Dolph Does Die Hard In ‘Hard Night Falling’ [TRAILER]

Has Dolph Lundgren had a Die Hard Clone yet? It looks like he has now.  Here is the trailer for Hard Night Falling, which contains SPOILERS.

Synopsis: Screen legend Dolph Lundgren highlights this intense action thriller. After years fighting crime at Interpol, agent Michael Anderson (Lundgren) takes the night off to reconnect with his estranged wife and teen daughter at an Italian villa. But their peaceful night is shattered as mastermind Goro and his mercenaries invade the property, hoping to find a lost cache of gold. With his family in danger, Anderson summons his team of crack operatives to help turn the tide and wipe Goro off the map.

No release date yet.  VOD, obviously.  Nice to hear this Don LaFontaine rip off floating around in these trailers, it sounds good.