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Padalecki Is New ‘Walker’

It looks like Jared Padalecki is the new Walker, in a reboot of the Texas Ranger series.

Written/executive produced by Anna Fricke (Valor) and executive produced by Dan Lin (Lethal Weapon), the show will re-do the original which starred Chuck Norris in the titular role.  Of that role, Norris said it was a spiritual successor to Lone Wolf McQuade.

The original series ended on a cliffhanger in 2005 and was never officially closed.

What’s up with Padalecki’s martial arts abilities though?  It’s not going to be the same unless each episode ends with someone getting a round house kick to the temple.  Who knows, supposedly Padalecki has some martial arts training.  There was a story of Padalecki getting jumped in Vancouver by eight men and managing to beat most of them to a pulp using ‘martial arts training’.