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More Suspect Casting For Uncharted

After the ruinous decision to reject Nathan Fillion in favor of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake (WTF) in the upcoming Uncharted movie, more suspect casting has been announced.  It seems that someone really wants Mark Wahlberg to be in this film, he is set to play Sully, mentor to Nathan Drake.

Wahlberg was once set to play Drake himself, but that version of the movie fell through and the film went back into development hell.

Now he’s going to play Sully, but wait… Sully isn’t 5’2!  I still don’t know how Mark Wahlberg hasn’t been ‘cancelled’, this fuck blinded some Asian OAP in a racist attack.  Come on snowflakes, get rid of him off our screens!  If Mel Gibson can be ‘cancelled’ for less, what gives here?  How is this man able to pry his way into any movie of his choosing?  Anyone remember his re-shoot fees with Ridley Scott?

Anyway, just seems incorrect to me, even as an origins movie.  There can only be one real Nathan Drake.