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Netflix Will Produce Beverly Hills Cop IV

We now have a better idea on why Netflix paid Eddie Murphy 90 trillion for his return to stand up (aside from no-one being better than Murphy).  Netflix has acquired ownership of Beverly Hills Cop IV.  And of course they’re going to go ahead and produce it, with Murphy returning as Axel Foley.  Evidently Murphy has a good relationship with Netflix.

Key words in the news tell us that they’re apparently going back to the drawing board, with Netflix finding new writers.  Jerry Bruckheimer will return to produce.

Netflix is confident, even leaving room open for a fifth movie.  It sounds to me like something was pitched to Murphy, story-wise, and he accepted.  Years ago this would’ve been less favorable news, but streaming is mutating and something getting the ‘Netflix Treatment’ is no longer frowned upon.

Thanks to: Sergei