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No Jackson In Coming 2 America (2020)

Some bitterly disappointing news for upcoming sequel Coming 2 America (2020).  First, there will be no inquiries from Samuel L. Jackson about who certain assholes are.  He’s working on another project and will not be in the film.

Eddie Murphy told HipHollywood exclusively that Jackson couldn’t be apart of the project he’s simply too busy working.

“Sam Jackson as you know  is constantly working,” Murphy said with a grin. Sam is working on something right this second.”

Second, Darryl Jenks, played by Eriq La Salle is also not going to appear.

He told The Grio that he had no plans to return to the much-loved film. ‘I’ve already given you an answer. No,’ he said, before adding: ‘Straight to the point. I knew where you were going with it.’

That said, you lose some… you win some.  Wesley Snipes is in the movie playing an African dictator… can’t wait!