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TRAILER: Steven Seagal Is ‘Beyond The Law’

UPDATED: Trailer.

Below is the poster for a newly announced action man yarn, Beyond The Law.  It’ll star Steven Seagal and DMX.  The two will reunite having previously worked together in Exit Wounds.  As pointed out by Tuomas on Twitter, the poster seems to ring a bell…

This film is not to be confused with a 1990’s Charlie Sheen actioner of the same name!

Anyway, Mr. Seagal and DMX previously did not get along.  In 2002, DMX told Stuff magazine: “Steven Seagal is a fuck. He’s a fucking shithead. With spray-on hair. He talked like he was an old slave master. ‘Hey, wassup? We’s gonna have us a barbecue.’ I was just like, ‘Man, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? My name ain’t Sambo, nigga. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.’ Or he’d pull some fake attempting to be friendly fuck. He’d see my wife and be like, ‘Hey, little mama.’ We laughed about it. Just like, ‘This guy’s a fucker.’ He’s a asshole.”

Here’s the synopsis for Beyond the Law, released this December…

A former mobster turned businessman and a police detective must contend with a dirty ex-cop looking to bring the killer of his son to justice.