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Get Ready For 4 Hour ‘Once Upon A Time…’

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a long film, but an even longer version exists, and will be released.  Here is director Quentin Tarantino talking about this recently…

It’s all good. It’s all great. I don’t know if an audience would sit for it, but I love it. So we showed it to Tom Rothman and it was like, ‘OK, here this all is. We know that this is a movie, but maybe you can help us out because we like everything.’”

The main version is 161 minutes.  But the new version will run for four hours.  As for when we’ll see it, Tarantino says:

“Hey look, it’s all good so once this whole thing is said and done, maybe in a year’s time, we probably will.”

The film was a good return to form for Tarantino if you ask me, after the poor Hateful Eight.