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NEWS: Resident Evil, Jack Reacher, Spacey, Cruise…


Here is the trailer for upcoming video game remake Resident Evil 3. Anyone else remember playing this 20 years ago? A real golden area of gaming with Tekken, Metal Gear Solid and others all at their peak.

The new RE3 is said to be “even more of a remix of the original” than RE2 was in order to make the cast “more compelling”. The title will also include ‘Project Resistance’, a single-player campaign and one-versus-four online multiplayer.

Capcom says the project remains on track to be released on April 3rd on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Amazon is preparing a big budget series for Jack Reacher.

Nick Santora (Scorpion, Prison Break) will serve as showrunner on the Amazon series which will be based on Child’s best-selling global book series, with the first season adapting the first of the novels The Killing Floor.

The books, which have sold over 100 million, featured a character closer in description to Duke Nukem than Tom Cruise, and Amazon claims that the new actor will closer resemble this description.


Hollywood pervert Kevin Spacey posted a cryptic message on Christmas Eve about killing foes with kindness.  A day later, sexual accuser Ari Behn was found dead.  The third such alleged Spacey victim to die in 2019.

This has led commentators such as Joe Rogan to postulate that Spacey is having sexual accusers bumped off.  Could it be that Kevin Spacey is having victims of his unwanted assaults and advances murdered, as they try to sue?!


Finally, Edge of Tomorrow 2 is apparently still a thing.  Here is director Doug Liman.

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