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Remake News: Dirty Dozen, 48 Hours


Recent news revealed that David Ayer is helming a Dirty Dozen remake.  And now according to Collider, Ayer says it will not only be one movie.

 I think it’s just an opportunity for a great ensemble action franchise. I’ll have a really solid lead character, and I see it in the vein of the Mission: Impossible movies, or the Fast and Furious franchise, for which I wrote the first one. It’s like anything, you build an amazing family of characters, and then you watch them bounce off of each other and drive each other crazy.

A big budget WW2 franchise series would certainly be welcome.


I hadn’t know this was a thing, but apparently it was, and isn’t, anymore?  Josh and Benny Safdie were set to write and direct a remake of 48 Hours, but they appear to no longer be interested.

They spoke with Walter Hill recently, Hill had just seen both of the Safdie’s films, and explained to him that they were hired to do the remake. Hill responded: “I was so confused because I’ve seen your movies now and these guys are definitely not short of any original ideas. Why do they need to remake something?”

Hill is not interested?  Can’t argue there.  What about the old shelved idea for a third movie, where Nick Nolte’s character gets sent to prison?