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Captain Freedom Considering Presidential Run

UPDATED: Another year, another tease by ex SEAL Jesse Ventura on a presidential run.  The Green Party though?  Don’t know about that, although if you listen to Jesse it totally aligns with his world outlook.

Can’t see it happening.  Too many red pills come out of this man.


Captain Freedom to the wardrobe! Jesse Ventura has some big news, he could run for President. One of the cool things about Manly Man Jesse Ventura is that he’s almost a real-life version of one of Steven Seagal’s alter egos and fantasies. He’s a real Navy SEAL. I mean, when a guy comes out with a quote like: “Until you have hunted men, you haven’t hunted yet”, you know you have a confirmed Manly Man!

Not an outrageous thing for him to run, he is a former Governor. He’s been talking to Elex Michaelson about this aspirations.