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Jordan Will Be Clancy’s ‘Other’ Spy

Michael B. Jordan taking on the role of John Clark, Tom Clancy’s other spy character who is less fussy about the methods used to get the job done (as opposed to Jack Ryan for example).  The movie is titled Without Remorse.

Producer Akiva Goldsman tells Collider that things are going fine, despite the virus mess holding many things back:

“We are in complex, corona’d post. So, the director is in Italy, the editor is in Germany, we are [in the USA] in various places, and we Skype together, and we work on the movie together, and then we see cuts.

So we are in the editorial phase, and we’ve actually been doing it all week this week in the mornings, for time zones, and it’s going really far better than it should, considering where we all are.

Michael B. Jordan is so extraordinary, and the object is very singular in that way. It’s kind of a delivery system for this performance. I like it, I think you’ll like it.”

So expect a release date around Halloween.