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NEWS: Cobra Kai, Bruce Lee


It looks like Cobra Kai season 3 will be the last – at least with YouTube.   Deadline reports that this sequel series to the original iconic 1980s film will be moved elsewhere for season 3 and if it performs well at its news home, it may be renewed for season 4.  Season 3 has already been completed.

Sony TV took the show out with all the major streamers expressing interest in being its new home. Netflix and Hulu are leading the short list of contenders.


Here’s the trailer for Bruce Lee’s new documentary, in the 30 for 30 series.

Premiering on ESPN June 7th, the film, Be Water, will chronicle Bruce Lee’s life and career.  These shows are usually well produced so perhaps we will be treated to something special.

Their episode on Ric Flair, claims Bill Burr, is one of the funniest things ever aired on a TV!