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Butler Has Two Sequels Coming

Looks like Gerard Butler is a busy man these days. He’s putting out a streak of movies that cater to our niche.  Among them are two sequels.  Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he first says that Agent Mike Banning will return for another ‘Fallen’ sequel:

“I think with everything going on, we need him. He needs to come back… I think you will be seeing another. We’re toying away with another really fantastic idea that we’re working on at the moment that obviously we can’t say too much about.”

The Den of Thieves sequel meanwhile is shifting gears and will head to Europe. That project seems to be further along according to Butler:

“We’re working on that script at the moment, and I’m getting pages daily from [director Christian Gudegast]. It’s a fun ride, spreading across North America into Europe and the diamond district of Marseilles. It’s very cool and has a more European vibe this time. All the fun characters, Big Nick, Donnie, and Lobbin’ Bob, will be back. And I’m really excited about it.”

A DOT sequel shall be welcome…