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Hill’s Movie Is Alien 5 – And Not Dead?

Since Sigourney Weaver revealed that Walter Hill was working on another Alien film, it has drawn out more information about the project on the internet.  An image of the treatment via tells us that the film would actually be Alien 5 and that  it was still being worked on as late as March.

Walter Hill wrote it alongside fellow OG Alien producer David Giler.

The website also suggests that the fate of this movie lays with Sigourney Weaver’s decision on whether or not to do it (so not Ridley Scott then?).

Alien 5 may just be a working title.  Or could it be a direct sequel to Resurrection?  The 1997 film is not the most popular entry in the series, plus retconning seems to be all the rage these days.  I’d love to see a return of the Colonial Marines.

The mere sound of a motion tracker over a dark/black screen would be a huge viral sensation even for a 20 second teaser.

Thanks to: Sergei