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Keaton Returning As Bruce Wayne?!

It has been 28 years since the GOAT Batman appeared.  And while Michael Keaton was said to cameo as Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s Superman movie, that obviously did not happen.  TheWrap though, says that Keaton could return as an aged Bruce Wayne.  However, not in his own movie – in the upcoming The Flash movie.

All of a sudden, I want to see the fucking FlashEspecially if it’s pushing that darker, noir comic feeling Burton created in the ‘Keatonverse’.


This will not affect the new Matt Reeves Batman movie, DC is apparently pushing fluid universes.  Gentlemen… it’s like the return of fucking Elvis!  I would not be surprised if the raging popularity of the real Bruce Wayne’s reemergence spurs on his own separate movie.

Although Burton is probably long gone, I always wanted to see what Killer Croc, Bane etc looked like in that world.