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NEWS: Aliens, Butler, Ferrari…


Today we invoke Poe’s Law and ask; is it a wind up?  The latest it is UK satellite broadcaster Sky adding a warning to the start of various movies about ‘outdated’ material found within.  This includes Aliens.  The thing to be concerned about, warns Sky, is that there is a Mexican character played by a non-Mexican actress.

No really.

A spokesperson from Sky said the film contains the disclaimer because it features a non-Hispanic actress playing the role of an Hispanic character.

Did they consult with Mexicans over whether or not they like the character?  As far as I know, Mexicans love Vasquez.  Insane!  There are other batshit token warnings there, but we only care about manly movies!


Gerard Butler is set to star in Thunder Road and Capstone Group’s action feature Kandahar.  It’ll be his third collaboration with Ric Roman Waugh following Angel Has Fallen and the upcoming Greenland.

Butler plays Tom Harris, an undercover CIA operative working in the Middle East. An intelligence leak dangerously exposes his classified mission and reveals his covert identity.

Stuck in the heart of hostile territory, Harris and his translator must fight their way out of the desert to an extraction point in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while eluding the elite special forces hunting them.


Check out the poster for Gardener, starring Robert Bronzi and Gary Daniels!

Directed by Scott Jeffrey, it follows an immigrant working a quiet life as a gardener at a manor house in England who has to rely on old skills to save the family he works for from home invaders.

Expect an early November release for this one.


Michael Mann has been developing a Ferrari biopic for around 25 years now.  And it seems that now the project is finally going to get made as Mann is prepping to shoot the film as early as next spring with Hugh Jackman in early talks to star.

Jackman will play the titular role.

Perhaps some of the best news — no CGI Ferraris.  Mann has commissioned a fleet of replica cars.  This is the only way to handle a movie like this.

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