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Weller/RoboCop Talks Past and Life (Mortal Kombat)

Here are all cut scenes featuring RoboCop in Mortal Kombat 11. There are numerous references to the Boddicker Gang and the first two movies.  It features Peter Weller reprising the role.

It’s tantalizing, knowing that RoboCop Returns is still, supposedly, in the pipeline.  Weller was supposed to be in the movie, but who knows if that’s still the case now.  This appearance reminds us that there’s only one RoboCop.

Incidentally, we’re a week away from the 30th anniversary of RoboCop 2, a great sequel.  It was around this time 30 years ago that Weller showed up in WCW shortly before the release of the sequel to promote the film.

Sid Vicious (wrestler) has talked about this recently in his podcast.  Among other things, he mentions that immediately there was a problem with RoboCop looking small next to the WCW roster, not good for promoting the sequel.

Anyway, I’m personally not a fan of the animation of Murphy in this video game.  He looks weird, deformed and clunky.