If we remember, it appears that old Superman had a bit of a temper problem, occasionally. Is the above video an incident of assault and vandalism? Maybe, maybe not (the pissant struck first). What is for sure though is that that is a sick burn; Gee that’s funny, never seen garbage eating garbage before.

Whether that was or was not an assault on a fellow patron, I would posit that the incident at the end of the following scene (2:10) in Superman IV may have legally been construed as attempted murder.  That guy was 0.25 seconds away from have his larynx crushed, only a freak interruption by the ground/bench saved him.

Man, this Clark guy is trouble, you can’t take him anywhere! Maybe that’s why Kent has a younger, hotter girlfriend than that unappreciative, entitled Lois Lane in the fourth movie. The top comment says it best.

Lacy actually liked Clark Kent and was not at all impressed with Superman, the exact opposite of Lois Lane. Lois never really loved Clark, she loved Superman. But “Superman” was not who he was, just what he did. CLARK was who he was, and Lacy loved HIM as a person. Lacy would have been much better for Clark than Lois, in my opinion.
Of course, Michael Keaton’s Batman would not have taken shit from that ‘personal trainer’ in the first place.