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‘Big Surprise’ Set For Expendables 4

There hasn’t been much Expendables 4 news recently.  But the above video has surfaced from just before the Covid-19 panic in which Avi Lerner claimed the movie would’ve started shooting in May.  He also says the main cast are returning.

Lerner also says that there’ll be ‘one more big surprise’, with respect to casting, listen to him speak at 13:22.

So who could it be?

The shortlist is shorter than ever.  The actor must be a retro action star who has not yet appeared in the series and is possibly not commanding as much box office power as he once did.  Steven Seagal?  Probably not, it has often been said that he and Lerner do not get along.  I would think that perhaps Jackie Chan is the only big name left.

Chan however has in the past been reticent to do the ensemble thing, requesting instead during previous discussions that the movie only focus mainly on he and Stallone (unlikely).  Kurt Russell has also turned a role in the series down, citing a lack of desire to do ensembles.  Stallone, around 11 years ago, spoke to his fans on his forum to express disappointment that Russell would not even refuse personally, but had his agent do it.

Any other possibilities?