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NEWS: Dark Batman Forever Cut? Wolf Creek 3, Willis


Saw this at the cinema back in the day and even as a kid, I could not understand why the whole thing was campy, soft ass shit full of color and joy.  Of course it was to sell more Happy Meals, or whatever.  But now according to Variety a three hour director’s cut exists, or at least existed, with the death of Joel Schumacher prompting renewed interest in the film.

They say this version of the movie is ‘much darker’ than what was eventually released.  Perhaps it’s a little closer to the tone established by Burton.  Years ago I watched a fan edit of this movie, where someone deliberately muted the day-glo colors etc, maybe this would be something similar.


Speaking of darker themed movies, it seems that Wolf Creek 3 may still be in the oven.  Lead actor John Jarrett took to Facebook to post the following:

“Hey guys! Let’s have a little chat about the return of our old mate Uncle Mick… To my delight, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages about Wolf Creek 3 the season and the movie. Greg McLean and I have both projects in the works but unfortunately [the situation] has the world at a standstill. I promise to keep you updated as we all try our best to get through these tough times.”

You can read our interview with Jarrett here, and check out Jake’s review of the series here.  I honestly wonder if the current climate will allow Mick Taylor to exist even as a fictional villain.


Here’s a character poster for Bruce Willis’ appearance in Cosmic Sin.  Gotta admit… good poster!  Looks like the Old Bruno here.

Here is the synopsis: Seven rogue soldiers launch a preemptive strike against a newly discovered alien civilization in the hopes of ending an interstellar war before it starts.

In other words… typical human behavior!  You just know that as soon as we find another civilization, we’ll declare war on them over their helium deposits… or something, probably after some spurious slander about their alleged conduct!