Above are the first images from Uncharted.  The movie adaptation of the classic ‘Hollywood-tier’ games.

And it appears that two manlets have wandered onto the set gotten lost.

Oh wait, these are the two who are playing Drake and Sully.  Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg respectively.  What ruinous and baffling casting.  It appears that someone, somewhere, bought the rights to this project knowing only that the video games are profusely profitable and therefore a movie would be a good ROI.

Beyond that, it appears to be ‘to hell with the details’.

That’s going to come back to bite them, considering the rich narrative and visual background on the main series, there really is no room for artistic license.  Especially in the ’20s, where the internet will make or break a movie before it’s even released.

I like how the film is fashioned as a ‘prequel’, with apparent chutzpah expecting to get a series or trilogy out of this, despite shitting on the consumer base from day one.