Below is a look at Tom Holland in the movie adaptation of Uncharted.  Holland will play Nathan Drake while Mark Wahlberg will play his mentor, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.  Nolan North, who is the voice actor for the actual Drake, offered some pictures on his own social media as well.

The games themselves were obviously heavily inspired by the Indiana Jones series, a property that has been dormant in Hollywood for a long time after the Fridge Was Nuked in a botched attempt to crowbar Shia LaBeouf in as a 21st century Indie.  To use a quote from a Dirty Harry movie, this went down like a turd in a swimming pool.

So wonder-filled tomb raiding adventures with a comedic bent are old fashioned movie sellers, but will this be another botch?  The casting thus far has been widely ridiculed, perhaps insurmountable.  One thing’s for sure though, they got locations and wardrobe right.

Thanks to: Sergei