Since the passing of Sean Connery, various people within the industry have been talking about their experiences with him.  One of the most interesting comes from Billions showrunner and Rounders writer Brian Koppelman.

Koppelman got involved with a film with Connery in 2004 and things were going great between them.  It was then that things turned south when an egomaniacal/reckless director shows up:

“There’s a tricky action sequence, under water, that the director wants to do. We set a call to discuss how to write it, what it should be. Sean asks the director how he’s planning to shoot it. Director says ‘I’ll use movie magic’. You could hear the silent anger on Sean’s end of the phone. ‘I started making movies before your daddy started pleasuring himself. I want to know, shot by shot, how you will execute this?’.

Director says, ‘let’s talk on Friday. 11AM. I will run you through my story boards and shot list. And for that call, it can just be me and you, Sean, we don’t need the writers.’ We are fine with this. Let them sort it and tell us what they need. 11:15AM Friday rolls around. Our phone rings. Sean says ‘where the f–k is the director?’ We say, we don’t know.

And then, suddenly, we hear a sigh. ‘Ahhh fer Chrissakes! I just turned on the tele and there he is’ ‘There who is?’ ‘(Director’s name). He’s in a goddamned female player’s box at the f–king French open. I’m afraid, boys, I agreed to do a movie directed by a fraud. You’ve done very well. But I am quitting this thing. Today.’.”

The Playlist has indicated that all signs point to Brett Ratner (surprise) being the director discussed.  Also for those interested, you can check out a cool and rare interview with Sean Connery here.