COMING 2 AMERICA IS PG-13 | ManlyMovie


Amazon Studios’ Coming 2 America has officially been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA for ‘crude and sexual content, language and drug content.’  This is different from the 1988 original which was R-rated.  It remains to be seen though if the film’s tone is altered from the original or if the rating itself is what has changed, 32 years later.

The original film was R-rated due to ‘sexual content and language’, which appears to be the same description of the rating for the sequel.

The only confirmed downside for this movie so far is that Daryl Jenks is not in the film.  How this could have been allowed is beyond me. It could prove to be a disastrous and killer oversight, unless Wesley Snipes’ African dictator can fill the void.

The film is released March 5th…