The old Walker: Texas Ranger TV series was famous for its star, Chuck Norris, driving around Texas in his pickup and beating up rapists and other assorted trash using martial arts.  Often, Norris’ ‘Walker’ would remove the badge and offer low lifes a free punch.

However, this manly DNA seems to be taking a back seat with the reboot starring Jared Padalecki.  TVInsider has a new interview with the actor.  And they claim this about the show:

This reboot is more of a family drama than the testosterone-heavy casserole of kung fu and car chases that ran on CBS from 1993 to 2001.

It also seems that Norris has not (intentionally or otherwise) given the show his explicit blessing, and it’ll continue forging its own way.

Although he hasn’t heard directly from Norris, “He was one of the owners of the property, so he had to sign off for us to be able to do it. I hope to meet him someday. Maybe he can give me some tips on how to roundhouse.”

Until then, Padalecki and writer–executive producer Anna Fricke (Wayward Pines) remain focused on forging their own way. While there are Southern-fried action sequences and cases of the week, there’s an ambling, homey feel to the many scenes.

I would suggest that it is bold to discard key ingredients that made something a smash hit and try to create something different using a namesake as a starter fuel.  Typically, this ends in disaster.

Thanks to: Tuomas