TRAILER: NITGHT WALK (2021) | ManlyMovie


Here’s the trailer for Night Walk (2021).  It stars Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts.

Synopsis: Frank is a middle aged bachelor who has no plan of being tied down, that is until he meets Sarah. Sarah, an Arab woman from another country changes Franks perspective on love. Frank who never wanted to settle down, falls for Sarah and they develop a love that will soon be forbidden. On the evening of Franks planned proposal in Sarah’s homeland, they decide to take a walk around town when they get themselves into a violent scuffle that ends in Sarah being killed. When police get to the scene they instantly turn on Frank and accuse him of the murder of Sarah. Frank gets sent to prison where he immediately gets brutally beaten. Frank soon meets an inmate that takes him under his wing and guides him to get justice. While Frank is trying to prove his innocence, he continues to get shut down by a crooked judge who has other devious intentions. Frank now has to deal with the loss of his beloved girlfriend while battling for his innocence with a crooked justice system.

Directed by Aziz Tazi, the film is released on the 15th of June.