Our favorite escapist franchises are once again being forcibly drawn into the political sphere.  It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, again, returning as the Terminator.  For another lecture.  Again.

Schwarzenegger got dressed up for the Austrian World Summit to harang us, using a (once) popular iconic pop culture character as a trojan horse for dubious propaganda.  Dubious, y’see, because lies have certainly been told (such as government funded bodies lying about snow being a thing of the past by 2010, yet continuing to leech without justice) and as people try to avoid such lies, they resort to escapism, entertainment.  A low move then, to incite at the behest of kleptocrats, using an old favourite.

The people of Europe will be expected to pay just over 1 trillion Euro by 2050 in taxes, that’s 1,000 billion, towards ‘correcting’ ‘climate change’ (formerly global warming, a term ditched when people realized they were freezing their balls off in summer).  If you’re wondering where 1,000 billion comes from, it’s certainly not from the ether, or created by magic bankster pixies… it’s created through labor. Or debt. Which will be paid off with… yes, labor, more, if you wait longer.

In reality, most of this money is probably going to be siphoned off. Laundered, ‘disappeared’ through cooked books, the ultimate scam. Money never to be seen again. The fuck outta here, agitating for these bastards!

… and multi-millionaires will take no hit.  Next to nothing

Should this be mentioned here, on a movie site?  Well, if Arnold insists on co-opting Terminator, it should be criticized.  I’m pretty fucking tired of this shit.

Notice how Sylvester Stallone resolutely stays in his own lane?  Curating his classics and refraining from political talk?