Sylvester Stallone has been fielding more questions from fans on his forum, having calmed down from a little tantrum earlier in the month — more on that below, but first…

  • Asked whether or not we’d ever seen Rocky on the big screen again, and if Creed II was his last appearance, Stallone says: “It would not be, but certain old egotistical forces are preventing Rocky from continuing.”
  • On which of the Expendables movies he considers to be the best… “One, by far”.
  • On a fan expressing his love of Creed II, Stallone says: “You should request a refund”.  Stallone also complains about scenes being cut from the movie, and says he’ll stop himself before commenting on the director.
  • On his upcoming action/horror Hunter and if it is comparable to Predator, Stallone says it’ll be “more primitive”.
  • On which movie he was in best shape in: Cliffhanger, where he also seriously built his legs for the first time in his career.

Stallone’s account on the site is curious.  The forum itself is linked to his official website and the admin of the forum (and moderator) who both know Stallone personally, claim that it is him.  However there are remarkable similarities between the way Stallone writes… and how the main moderator of the forum writes.  Massive bold text, with awful grammar, mirroring across both accounts.

It could be that the moderator is passing the Qs to Stallone and Stallone is referring answers back, but to me, it looks like one man is operating both accounts.

The meltdown discussed here on this site a week or two back is also uncharacteristic of Stallone, but certainly characteristic of a certain moderator there, the same pensioner who struggles with font and grammar, and has banned many an action fan from that forum.

If it wasn’t Stallone, it certainly isn’t doing his PR any favors.  Stranger things have happened on that site, there are users on there who take things into outright cultism territory.