It looks like Jet Li is finished in China.

At least, that’s what a bunch of news outlets are saying this week.  Because Jet holds foreign citizenship, apparently The Party will take steps to see to it that his career there is shitcanned, blacklisting him.  Says the MalayMail:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 ― A Chinese director has claimed martial arts actor Jet Li is next to be blacklisted by Beijing purportedly for holding foreign citizenship.

Zhou Guogang, who previously posted celebrity gossip on his Douyin account, based his revelation on a list by China’s National Radio and Television Administration.

The unverified list claimed that there will be new restrictions on celebrities who hold foreign citizenship.

Besides Li who holds Singaporean citizenship, other names include actress Liu Yifei (American), actors Nicholas Tse (Canadian), Zhang Tielin (British) and Mark Chao (Canadian), and singers Will Pan (US) and Wang Leehom (US).

Who knows if it’s even true.  Both the western establishment and the Chinese establishment ‘cancel’ dissenters (read: people who open their mouths), but both not only lie to their own subjects but have specialist propaganda outlets tell lies about each other.

Anyway… wasn’t Jet Li’s face on that leaked Expendables ‘4’ media board?  Send him back to us, we’ll appreciate him better.