Anything to use the Gary Busey line .”…a fucking ALIEN!”.  Here’s the trailer for Invasion, a show about E.T. coming here and starting some shit.

Synopsis: We are not alone. Extraterrestrial beings have made their way to Earth from across the universe. Civilization could collapse. And survival is up to you. Feel what it’s like to live through an alien invasion starting October 22 on Apple TV+

Well, it has Sam Neill in one of those Jurassic Park hats.  Which means… it’s a maybe.


Massive turd Coming 2 America was apparently a popular hit for Amazon’s streaming service.

As a result, Eddie Murphy will star in three films for Amazon Studios and develop original film projects for both them and directly for the Prime Video service with the potential to star in them.

Aside from that, Murphy still has the Beverly Hills Cop 4 iron in the fire.  Although we’d like to urge him to hurry the fuck up before Ronny Cox, y’know… can’t make an appearance.


Here is the first image for Blacklight.

It’s yet another action/thriller with Liam Neeson. He plays an FBI fixer who gets in way over his head after getting involved in a deadly conspiracy. The film is directed by Mark Williams from a script by Nick May.

Synopsis: “BLACKLIGHT is a timely action thriller with a ‘ripped from today’s headlines’ feel to it from start to finish. It is an honor to be working with the incomparable Liam Neeson for the 6th time and to be partnering again with friends Myles Nestel and multi-hyphenate filmmaker Mark Williams.”

The film is released February…


Here is the trailer for Ida Red, starring action man Frank Grillo.

The film is written and directed by John Swab (Body Brokers, Let Me Make You a Martyr) and stars Josh Hartnett (Wrath of Man, “Penny Dreadful”), Sofia Hublitz (“Ozark”), William Forsythe (The Devil’s Rejects, Raising Arizona), Deborah Ann Woll (“True Blood“), and Academy Award winning actress Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Prisoners, Frozen River).

Saban Films will release the action/thriller/crime film on November 5th.