Remember that Sylvester Stallone is going to star in a new mobster TV series called Kansas City?  It’ll be created by Taylor Sheridan.  Well, here is new info on that via CheatSheet:

“According to 101 Studios CEO David C. Glasser, the idea for Kansas City came from him saying to Sheridan “what if you came up with the cool wildness of Goodfellas with Stallone?”

“He [Sheridan] takes a breath, I’m not even joking, and he goes, ‘Hmm, that’s a good idea, Glasser.’ Then, on the spot, he proceeds to spend 45 minutes pitching me a story that he just created in his head. This is Friday at 3 p.m. It is a great story, and nothing is written down,” Glasser recalled.

Within 48 hours, Glasser says that Sheridan had already hashed out a pilot script and pitched the show to Stallone. After hearing about Sal, the Rocky star reportedly signed on immediately.“

The show will bring together writer Terence Winter (The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) with Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone) while 101 Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios will back the project.  It features Stallone’s mobster being forced out to Kansas City where he starts his mob activities all over.


Well, I can honestly say that even after briefly studying an extensive list of Walter_B upcoming projects, even I didn’t know that this one existed. It’s the trailer for Gasoline Alley, starring Bruce Willis.  The film sees Willis and Luke Wilson keep an eye on reformed criminal Devon Sawa.  Fellas, it’s a new Bruce Willis movie and the trailer has less than 200 views.

But forget about that, what’s going on with this poster?

Willis and Wilson look like they’re both in dire need of a giant shit, or something.  Maybe it’s the return of that CGI rip off Willis from Russia, where he loaned his likeness.  Who knows.


It’s a funny old world.  Years back Joss Whedon, director of action figurine super commercials The Avengers and Avengers Age of Ultron, took aim at a clip from Jurassic World and slammed it as sexist.  It was a baffling outburst because the clip was in no way remotely sexist.

It was funny that Whedon was then hoisted on his own petard and targeted by the woke lunatics, they accused him of being a bit of dickhead to female actors (apparently, this warrants cancellation, but not if the victims were male?).  Now Whedon has responded to this to New York Magazine saying that they used “every weaponizable word of the modern era to make it seem like I was an abusive monster. I think I’m one of the nicer showrunners that’s ever been.”

So… now Whedon is effectively crying about being cancelled.  Boo hoo Joss.