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Steven Seagal Update: New Movie, Exit Wounds Blu Ray, Expendables 4

Some updates on Chief Seagal today.  First is word of a new movie of his.  Yes, it’s yet another addition to his DTV quagmire.  Absolution (2014) will be released late next year.  Seagal will appear in the movie alongside actress Anna Kalashnikov.  Shooting will begin in January.  Supposedly, the story is being kept ‘under strictest confidence’ according to  Well, allow me to translate that for you – this means that the people making the movie themselves have no idea what it’s about, at the 11th hour.  Not irregular for a Seagal DTV, where the movie is usually written while cameras are rolling.

In contrast, some more positive news.  Seagal’s ‘last good movie’ will be released on Blu Ray in 2014.  Exit Wounds (2001) will be released on April 22nd.  This was Seagal’s original ‘comeback’ movie and while it was successful financially, being Seagal he did not capitalize on it and went to DTV hell nonetheless.  No word on features yet, but don’t hold your breath.  You can check out the artwork by clicking here.

Finally, there’s a very weak rumor floating around concerning Seagal and The Expendables 4.  The Italian Seagal Facebook Page is claiming that Seagal has signed on to the movie.  Well we all know that unofficial Facebook pages shouldn’t be trusted, this is basically a fan page.  Remember when we exposed the fake Stallone Facebook page that presented an exclusive poster?  Or how about the fake Cody Walker Facebook page claiming he was standing in for his brother?  It’s simple, official Facebook pages for celebrities have the small ‘tick’ for verification beside their name.  What the Italian Facebook page for Seagal has done is taken the recent IGN interview and embellished it with some hot confirmation.  It looks that way anyway.  For our money this probably will happen, just that this isn’t the confirmation people are looking for.  Avi Lerner has said The Expendables 4 will probably shoot next year, so it’s not unlikely to start hearing casting rumors from here on out.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a heavily altered cast, which is probably suitable to Seagal’s ego.