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UPDATED: Complete Terminator Genisys Plot?


Updated 2x: Per request from Paramount, we’ve removed some leaked pictures of CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, from Terminator: Genisys.  Sorry about that.

Updated: A small update on this.  Potential SPOILERS are contained even in the update, should this prove to be accurate.  Since posting the information below earlier today, the person I am in correspondence with has made his case slightly more convincing.  Although I would still mark this as ‘rumor’.

The same person who informs us of this alleged story below, says that an older version of the script dated July 2013 was not actually used for the movie.  Re-writes have taken place since then in other words.  The big removal was a swerve, where John Connor was actually a Terminator.  Now, I’d actually heard something to this effect before, during the summer.  Not that exact point, but that a 2013 version of the script had a ‘bold’ ending, however that other person (who I did not speak to) was also keen to insist that it ultimately ‘sucked balls’.

Since then the re-writes have apparently improved things, the guy we are talking to is of the opinion that it’ll be a better movie than the previous two.  Meanwhile, this stuff piqued my interest and I decided to do some residual research.  Two videos below discuss the script.  The first is from April and speaks positively of what he knows, it also collaborates some information found in out plot outline below.  Then the second, beginning at around (21:00), speaks… not so positively.


There have been rumblings of a script leak for this movie for a week or two now.  So two disclaimers to start with here, 1) We don’t have it, 2) You should probably take the following with a grain of salt.

Anyway, I recieved an anonymous tip about this whole thing this week from a person claiming to have, let us say, ‘viewed’ the script.  The eyes can’t unsee, right?  Whether you’ve owned something or not.  And these types of scripts, not digital ones (like our leaked EX3 script), are supposedly leaked 90% of the time on their ways to auditions.  Below is the outline as described to me.

The Alleged Plot

The story opens with John Connor rescuing his son Kyle our of a concentration camp guarded by Terminators.  Connor and his men then send Kyle back in time to save his ‘Grandmother’, Sarah, in 1994.  Kyle Reese has been changed to Kyle Connor because the original Kyle Reese is sent to 1984 to save a younger Srah Connor.  That still happens.  Also the original T-800 arrives in 1984, just as it was, but encounters an older (Arnold) T-800 and a fight between both ensues.

The old Terminator loses, but the young Arnold is captured by the resistance, reprogrammed (like Uncle Bob) and becomes ‘The Watchman’, which becomes the older Terminator.  The resistance then sends Kyle Reese and The Watchman to 1994 to help older Sarah and young John, who are on the run from the government for blowing up Cyberdyne.  Worse, a new series of Terminator called the ‘Genisys’ series are hunting Sarah and John.  At one point, the villainous Terminator makes a derogatory remark as to The Watchman’s aged appearance (now that I believe, cringe…).

Skynet has a second complex much like the original Cyberdyne headquarters, to which Sarah Connor, protected by an old T-800 and two Kyles.  One knows he’s John’s father (Kyle Reese), one doesn’t (Kyle Connor).  Reese dies a gallant death just like in the original movie.  During all this, a ‘T-2000’ played by Lee Byung-Hun is also giving chase.  As the Connor’s are attempting to destroy Skynet, the aged T-800 is beheaded by the T-2000, which is about to Terminate the Connors.  But just in time they destroy all Skynet data, and the T-2000 along with Kyle Connor disappears.  Sarah Connor cries because she has lost Kyle again, but remarks… the future is not set.


So there you have it.  You might have to read it a few times to digest what is actually being pitched there, but of course, this could be entirely bogus.  If it is, our source has a vivid imagination, including describing the particulars of what official markings on a script look like.  A good way of telling is if this article completely disappears over the next few days, although if it doesn’t and is legit, it could simply mean Paramount have missed it.

Still, take it as you will.  Could be real, could be fake.  Since nothing has been offered to verify any of it (e.g. a snapshot or single page), take more salt than usual…