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Budget & Release Date For Red Squad Updated

Some good and bad news about John McTiernan’s return to directing.  Bad news first, more delays.  Red Squad and Warbirds were due to appear at the American Film Market earlier this  month.  Well they did, but not so much as we expected.  Thanks to the Johnmctiernandatabase though we have an update today on release expectancy and budgets.

Warbirds will come first with a December 2015 release date.  The new sysnopsis reads as ‘A team of mercenary pilots bomb an oil field between Chile and Argentina igniting a territorial dispute’.  Budget – $26 million.

Red Squad will come second with a tentative March 2016 release date.  Some better news for Red Squad – a budget of $35 million, which I am pretty sure is the largest in the studio’s history.  For comparison, Bus 657 starring Dave Bautista and Robert De Niro only has a budget of $15 million.

I think with the diminishing size of movies these days, this is kinda good news, especially the budget – if it is in fact going to be $35 million.  Getting non superhero movies made and funded today is tough business, especially for blacklisted artists like John McTiernan.