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Robert Patrick Secret Terminator: Genisys Cameo?


We all know that the T-1000 is returning in Terminator: Genisys, this time to be played by Byung Hun Lee.  Obviously replacing Robert Patrick who played the original T-1000 and is probably too old to effectively play it again.

However it looks like Patrick may have appeared in the movie after all.  At 2:07 in the official trailer, you can see someone who looks a lot like Patrick, sitting in a waiting room on the phone.  Is it him?  Could be, for some reason I get a feeling that this movie is going to be full of references to the old movies, like Predators attempted to do back when it was released.  Here is a closer look.

Anyway, I’ll be offering a more thorough opinion on this trailer and the movie as a whole soon.  It doesn’t look good for a Conan 3 in my opinion, or a chance of Schwarzenegger being brought in for Shane Black’s Predator sequel…