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Stallone Spoils “Creed” Ending On Twitter

Here is one of Sylvester Stallone’s latest Tweets.  Beware of SPOILERS.

For those who took the time to look closely after Stallone presented his writing area, spoilers from the ending of upcoming Rocky spin off, Creed, could be viewed if you zoomed in and flipped the picture upside down.  Those spoilers include Creed winning his big fight and Rocky being stricken with cancer.

But are these really spoilers?  We all know that Creed is going to win, I mean c’mon.  And was this really an accident?  I mean, the last page of the script posted to Twitter?  Perhaps more interesting, Stallone’s very next Tweet was “let’s get to 3 million followers”, the same day.  Sly is perhaps trying to stir up a little controversy, eh?

Nothing like a little viral blunder to whip up Twitter followers…