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A Monster Opponent Is Needed For Creed II


The last two entries in the Rocky universe were good.  Rocky Balboa and Creed.  They shared a problem though, there were no ‘villains’ or even memorable opponents.  I mean really now, be honest, can you remember who Adonis Creed was fighting?  The character let alone the actor?  Same for Stallone in Rocky 6.  The character’s name was Mason Dixon but I’m struggling here and honestly have to Google this to double check, the boxer/actor was Antonio Tarver.

In fact, this type of thing was arguably a problem in Rocky V, there was never any doubt that Rocky was going to just shut Tommy Gunn up at some point.

What we need for Creed II is something the first four movies had, an opponent who looks like he’s going to maul the hero.  I’m not saying they should go bat shit cartoon and have another Ivan Drago, no-one is saying that.  But we need someone credible, at the very least another Apollo Creed.  We’re done with chumps showing up in this franchise, let’s give a serious amount of screen time to a real badass opponent.

While a Drago character may be too extreme, maybe an Apollo character with skills alone would be too weak.  What I think Creed II would really benefit from is another Clubber Lang, someone almost as dangerous as Drago but with the big mouth of Apollo Creed.  Now there was a real boxing villain.

I mean it, none of this shitty ‘mutual respect’ this time around.  Time to go back, get personal.  We want a wrecking machine who is likely to kill Adonis to death inside of three rounds.  One who tries to seduce Creed’s woman on the streets in front of cameras.  And he eats alone, lives alone and trains alone.  You know the rest, he’s going to torture him, he’s going to crucify him, he’s going to beat up on him some more.

One of the things I also like about Clubber Lang was that while everyone adored Apollo Creed, Mr. Lang did took a dim view of that ‘has been’, so I would also make a suggestion that our new Creed monster villain perhaps slaps Rocky in the face, or something to that effect.  Come on, we’re sick of love-ins and feel good crap.  Let’s introduce peril, fear and doubt, like the older movies.  The only question is, who to cast for the big role?

I don’t know.  But I would caution against bringing in some MMA fighter solely based on fight record.  Look how that worked out with Gina Carano, who has all the charisma of a steel rod.  So that one is up to the powers that be.