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Young Guns/Pacific Heights Getting Reboots?

Morgan Creek Productions is restyling itself as Morgan Creek Entertainment Group.  And in their new direction they are said to be rebooting several of the properties that they own.  Among them are Young Guns and Pacific Heights.

The first Young Guns was released in 1988, the second in 1990.  It’s a franchise that has generated around $100 million of more.  This isn’t the first time there has been discussion about bringing that franchise back.  At one point, a TV show was touted, but thankfully that fell through.

The production company is seeking approval from the original creators before proceeding.

The other movie is of course Pacific Heights.  This is one of the most underrated movies ever, in my opinion.  The IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Roger Ebert all basically said it wasn’t worth your time.  But they’re wrong!

This movie features one of the greatest trolljobs in cinematic history.

Michael Keaton is an expert troll, a sage and grand master, ahead of even the likes of Nicolas Cage.  A master troll must really push the art of subtlety.  And this movie features his best troll performance ever.  The film is a fucking classic, I laugh at every word and gesture Keaton offers.