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A Look At The Iceman For Top Gun 2

Here’s The Iceman, back for Top Gun: Maverick!

I don’t give a shit what he looks like, he’s a cancer survivor back for action.  Hopefully he’ll be back for Top Gun 3 too, maybe in a bigger role.

The new film sees the old hands show up to teach millennial pissant pilots how it’s done, hopefully against a fictional commie air force like the old movie.  Elsewhere, according to TaskAndPurpose, a whole new bar was built on a beach for the film.

The bar — which was quickly erected this month by studio construction workers at the air station’s Breaker’s Beach — has a weathered appearance and features the name “The Hard Deck,” according to photos of the site that were sent in to Task & Purpose. The faux bar is close to the ocean and has beach chairs surrounding its exterior, in addition to an outdoor patio and fire pit.

Christopher McQuarrie is also being brought in for some script polishing.  So with Tom Cruise using his pull in films like this for practical effects and McQuarrie’s good eye for a good story, all signs point to Top Gun: Maverick being a good shot in the arm for 80’s revivals.