It appears that Steven Seagal is the gift that just keeps on giving.  Like Sylvester Stallone, the man has the subject of a few home invasions by crazed cultists.  However, unlike Sylvester Stallone, Steven is a man who may kill you where you stand, should you be guilty of invading his property.

In an interview with Hustler Magazine from 2009, The Master regaled the interviewer with a story of restraint, when confronting a crazed pissant on his property.

There was this one guy who climbed over the gate onto my property.  I saw him – mind you, I had a gun on me – and I walked up to him.  I put my hand on his shoulder and walked him down the driveway.  I said to him very calmly, “What you’re going to do right now is you’re going to leave, and if by chance you do this again I will have to assume that my life, and the lives of those I love are in peril.  That will force me to protect myself by any means necessary.”

As we can see, any old martial artist could kick ass and destroy the invader, but it takes the temperament of a master to calmly show the assailant the errors of his ways, before giving him a second chance.  As Seagal continued however, the cultist did not heed the warning.

That night I was doing a perimeter check.  I looked up the driveway and sure enough, here he comes.  But this time he’s naked and carrying something long in his arms.  In the shadows, I thought to myself; “Man, that might be a rifle”.  I got out my gun, just as these lights came up behind him.  It was my friends from the sheriff’s office.  They shouted, “Steven, don’t shoot him!  Don’t shoot!”  They grabbed the guy, wrestled him to the ground and took him away.

So there you have it, this is what happens if you try to invade Sensei Seagal’s property.  Death is a moment away from the shadows, but only if you do not heed a healthy warning.