There has been an urban legend going around for years concerning Steven Seagal.  So it goes; he was in a confrontation with ‘Judo’ Gene LeBell on the set of a movie.  After claiming that he could break out of any hold (so goes the legend), LeBell locked him up and made him pass out, at which point Seagal relieved his bowels.

It’s a story happily promulgated by people who were not there (such as Ronda Rousey).  But a while back we presented a different story, when stuntman Ron Balicki thoroughly debunked it.  Now, YouTuber VikingSamurai (great YouTube Channel, right up our alley), has debunked this once and for all with further confirmation.  He talks with Steven Lambert, who were there and witnessed the whole thing.

Steven Lambert: Anybody who says otherwise about this story are liars it’s that simple because they weren’t there.

Viking Samurai:  Hey guys in today’s video this is a small segment from an interview i did with stuntman extraordinary Steven Lambert I’m going to post a full interview later I’ll be posting other clips and snippets throughout the week but all this information you got to get this book steven lambert from the streets of Brooklyn in the halls of Hollywood highly recommended it will literally take you over a month to read but the amount of content in there just with canon films and the ninja craze in the 80s stevens those stories including this one in this video van damme stories Arnold, Stallone and so much more gotta get the book I’m gonna link it in the description below amazing book amazing read highly entertaining it’s as if you’re sitting with him in a bar and he’s your friend and he’s talking to you and telling you these stories or the way he describes it as if you’re in his head but you gotta get this book you can’t it’s a page turner you can’t put it down so anyway on to the real story on Steven Seagal and Gene LeBell from one of few men who were actually there to bear witness to it so get the book because yeah they got to read the book there there’s definitely a lot there’s so much in the book in general so much stuff uh good stuff on the titanic on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade just you know stuff on Stallone, Schwarzenegger, I do want to talk about Steven Seagal though you are one of the four actual eyewitnesses to this whole Gene LeBell steven Seagal story correct

Steven Lambert:  Well I think there’s more than four but yes I am I had a friend of mine speaking of Steven Seagal and Gene LeBell friend of mine uh called me and informed me that you did a podcast already on this and uh I listened to it and yeah there was a there’s a few mistakes there you mentioned that you had read the story and when you told the story it wasn’t quite right.

Viking Samurai:  Oh, we would definitely want to get the real story from the actual witness.

Steven Lambert:  Referring to my great friend and a wonderful talent Conrad Palmisano, there was conversation in there that I felt like uh like the audience was having trouble believing my story that was completely true so yeah there was there was two bodyguards which was Steven Seagal’s it was Steven Seagal it was Gene Lebell there was uh Lincoln Simonds who is stunt guy uh who was with me in my honeywell again and myself so there was six got six people there okay Conrad nobody else there was no Conrad Palmisano nobody else you see when you’re working on a show the honey wagons the trailers are situated in a configuration kind of like a wagon train would do when the Indians are coming after them they circle so nobody on the outside can come in or see what’s going on in the inside so that was the circumstance that’s why there was only a six there which is two bodyguards Lebell, Seagal Lincoln Simonds and I nobody else was there nobody else experienced it nobody else saw you know the uh the people who have conversations with it on video and on in magazines i say shame on them because they weren’t there and so they have no business like god bless her Ronda Rousey you know I discuss her with a few other people in the book you know it’s kind of shameful how she speaks about the situation because she wasn’t there and she says things that that kind of make me scratch my head and should make others scratch your head you know she brings up the style of keto and says aikido isn’t a very good style which every martial artist should take offense to even she should take offense too because what she does has aikido in it you know and what she says about the situation and what went on she wasn’t there as some others said too and you shouldn’t have an idea of what went on when you weren’t there so you know it’s a very disappointing being that she’s a black belt and she’s over 21 and she should have a little bit more maturity to figure out you know you don’t put down a person or you don’t say things that simply aren’t true I mean gal didn’t piss in his pants he didn’t go into convulsions but there was a confrontation it was a difficult physical confrontation but it didn’t have anything to do with pissing in his pants and or going into convulsions what happened was yeah you know perspective uh honey wagons trailers Lincoln Simonds and I were in our own we were sharing one um playing parts on the show playing ourselves and we were in our trailer getting dressed with the wardrobe they wanted us to wear we came out we got dressed we came out I came out first and I happened to open the door and I saw Seagal and Lebell and the two bodyguards um talking in front of uh uh the honey wagon LeBell’s honey wagon his trailer uh that he put wardrobe on so uh and and we were probably a good 30 35 feet away and I looked uh in back in in the in the trailer and I said hey Lincoln, LeBell’s talking to Seagal let’s go see if you know we can join in you know just innocently so I jump down and I start walking over and Lincoln’s about 10 feet back of me jumps down and we start walking over we get there and uh they’re just having a simple conversation in front of each other and you know it’s it’s Seagal and you know the two bodyguards are on each side of them you know like the Adonis you know king and uh and uh LeBell and they’re talking about moves and introducing themselves being casual and entertaining and and everything’s light and and they start talking to about different techniques and uh they’re talking about a chokehold and Seagal starts the conversation and he goes I see the way you do your choke holds and uh he was disagreeing uh on um the way that the bell would do it and LeBell said well let me explain to you how I do it let me show you now as you being a black belt the martial artist when you work with somebody a master a black belt you know even somebody uh that is a wipeout um when you’re working with somebody when you’re showing somebody it’s an automatic known fact rule that you go slow you’re having a conversation you’re teaching you’re showing you’re expressing your movement and that’s just what LeBell was doing in slow motion he walks around uh Seagal you know and uh he’s in back of him facing his back and the seagulls kind of looking overlooking we see the the two by guards looking and Lincoln and I are kind of we’re in back of one side and back of uh lapel watching you know very innocent you know and and the bell starts to put his hands around him and very slow just as I’m moving right and the minute his hands go around Seagal’s neck before he even touched them you know graze them seek out just side steps full blast and forearms you know bang forearms see what I’m doing yeah but down right in his crotch that’s crazy oh blast I mean like if I told you if I spread my legs and I said hit me in a crotch with your forearm as hard as you can and that’s what that’s what Seagal did and LeBell jumped up like three feet in the air and I see LeBell’s face and and it’s literally three feet in the air and the moment his toes touched the ground he just sidestepped and spun his hand around the front of Seagal’s neck and took his leg and put it in back of uh Seagal’s feet and just threw his arm back and threw his leg forward the bell that is yeah and Seagal went flying you know see the way my arms are about four feet high and landed right on his butt and back hard ouch and the bodyguards looked at cigar and I looked at Seagal and I looked at Lincoln and everything this is in slow motion and Lincoln’s mouth was open and my mouth was open i was shocked because that was full black everything was full blast until then and the bodyguards looked after he looked they looked at uh Seagal they looked at LeBell and I’m watching this and this happened a matter of a split second and I’m thinking oh my god here comes a huge fight because I’m thinking the bodyguards are looking at the bell and the bodyguards look back at Seagal and I look back at Seagal and Seagal shakes his head like a no and the minute Seagal did that with his head bodyguards stood down because they were like almost in reaction mode confrontation reaction mode and like i said this happened in a man in a matter of moments and the minute lebell felt like you know everything was easing up he stuck out his hand and said but if i did that let me show you what you could do and help them up and I was scared that something else was going to go on so i ran to get the stunt coordinator Conrad Palmisano and he was busy with with uh uh uh camera sending camera so I’m back at him and he had producers directors the dp everybody listening to him so I’m in back and I’m waiting for the right moment you know because you can’t just barge in you don’t want people to know you don’t want to make a big thing out of this right so I go in back of him waiting for the right moment and i kind of leaned to his ear and I said Conrad i said there’s a confrontation with Seagal and LeBell at base camp you know you better get over here and break it up well he didn’t understand what I was saying so he ignored me and I’m just looking and he’s continuing with his camera work so i walk away kind of hesitant five ten feet away and all of a sudden he pops up and he realizes what’s going on and he runs over there and he yells to LeBell before he even gets over there you know he’s like 40 feet away and labelled get back to your trailer and LeBell looks at him and goes to his trailer right back to his trailer and that was the end of that and that’s what happened now who told who got it out who spread it out i know I didn’t I know Lincoln did it at least I believe Lincoln I don’t know if the bodyguards did it i don’t know if Seagal did it leaked it out i don’t know if Gene Lebell leaked it out Gene LeBell I love him you see how close Gene Lebell and i are in the in the movie but Gene LeBell is a showman right um i don’t think he would tell a lie I think that lie that rumor that part of it pissing in his pants and going convulsions i think it was spread by somebody else somebody who was writing the story you know somebody to somebody to somebody but I believe Lebell would never say what was said to the magazines and all that if I had to guess and I also let me say I I feel horrible for steven Seagal he deserved it what he got because he started it but the after occurrence all these years later was brutal.

Viking Samurai:  Yeah because he’s still getting crap about it and I just wanted to you know give the audience full context, so you just want the truth out there obviously if anything you and Gene Lebell are good buds and if if you were going to be biased you would just go with Gene LeBell because he’s your buddy but obviously the truth matters more to you.

Steven Lambert:  Exactly what I told you just now exactly what I have in the book is I’ve seen Gene Lebell many times he’s read my story you know he says that’s exactly what happened right if you put Gene Lebell and I together on an interview and I look at him and I say for you and as I say didn’t what I wrote in the book Gene isn’t that exactly what happened he’ll tell you that’s exactly what happened yeah I I don’t doubt that at all um I think it’s interesting I think and we’ve discussed this already I’ve teased him you know he tells me that he didn’t say that somebody else said that he can’t figure out but he’ll play with you if you interview him he’ll play with you because Gene is a showman.

Viking Samurai:  You know I think he likes the idea that the story is out there because I see him in other interviews where he won’t like necessarily confirm or deny it I think because he got whacked in the balls essentially he just likes that Seagal like this story is out there almost like it’s deserving of that happening to Seagal because you know the incident that happened so I I kind of feel like maybe one of the bodyguards told the real story and the guy who heard the story probably added something and then told someone else and they added something and then it’s it’s become into this essentially.

Steven Lambert:  That’s usually the way it starts yeah like I said you know Seagal’s fault it’s his fault I also said I feel bad for him it’s brutal because it’s carried on this long but if he would have admitted it in a playful way with respect at the beginning or in the middle or even now it would go away a couple of people have called me you know and said and said what what do you think would happen if we got them together and i said well I’m sure Gene would come you know Seagal’s got to get off his high horse and the trick is is to make it funny yeah make it funny when they meet make it because I’m sure LeBell would make it funny you know come here steven you know yeah you know your ball shot really you know you know made me fly in the sky you know how’d you like me falling you’re putting you on your back you know well the bell you’re one of the few that has ever been put by my back you know I congratulate for that you know whatever you know it could be humorous and it would all go away yeah that’d be great if that played out I’ve suggested that to a few interviewers that’s called me up privately you know and uh Seagal refuses to do that so I think our interview is basically the only one with one of the witnesses you um that’s going to be out there because you did two interviews with Palmisano and Balicki and Seagal where you were telling the story but it sounded like they wanted to like bad-mouth Gene LeBell and kind of turn it into that well that’s a whole nother story that’s a it’s connected yeah connected I tell there’s three or four stories there connected you’re talking about there was one at the Beverly Hills hotel and there was one um at uh uh a uh circus guy’s house uh the circus guys house was the first interview that didn’t come out for some reason so we did one um um at another place um at the Beverly Hills hotel um so there’s three or four connections meeting with that yeah so basically the audience has to buy this book to get all the details but um the one in the the one in the Beverly Hills hotel was a mind blower and and you know read that part in detail because it was scary and I can’t tell you what went on entirely even in the book there’s one part of it that I talk about that you have to fantasize but Seagal has that video what really went on and he threatens every now and then to put out that video they try to trick me into badmouth and van damme I mean van damme yeah LeBell yeah uh they tried to trick me into badmouth and labelled um but I was smart enough I have Brooklyn street sense there you go hard enough not to get it and in the book uh you know I explained that I stopped the interview you know once or twice and got really pissed off and what occurred in there was a mind blower and like I said there’s a certain part of it where I kind of I go away from what was said and yeah you have to think about it what the hell could possibly have gone on then Seagal has the whole video and like I said he threatens every now and then to show the video claiming that that that he has film of me and is you know saying something about Gene LeBell and I go show it because you tried and I said cut and I told you I don’t like it I told you Seagal I don’t like that you are trying to get me the bad mouth and blame it on Gene LeBell and they had to cut the film twice and I said I made an agreement on this meeting this interview at the Beverly Hills hotel that the only thing I will say on this video that Seagal did not pee in his pants and he did not go into convulsions that’s all I’m here to say because Conrad Palmisano asked me a friend of mine you know and that’s all I’m gonna say five seconds my name is Steve lambert I’m here to say the Seagal LeBell confrontation Seagal did not piss in his pants we’re going to convulsions end the story I was there and I explained it.

Viking Samurai:  Yeah, well I’m glad I could post it on this channel because you know it’s perfect for my audience to get the truth and it’s kind of great to have you uh basically tell the story.

Steven Lambert:  And let me say again because you know I can’t reiterate this more right anybody who says otherwise about this story are liars it’s that simple because they weren’t there the producers the directors whoever only the six were there nobody else saw

Viking Samurai:  Now sticking with Seagal, he seems to have a bad reputation with hurting stuntmen is that true does he actually go harder than he should like punching them or doing other techniques that he should lighten up on?

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